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The Cordillera Real is located close to the city of La Paz, and offers breathtaking scenery and mountains over 6,000 meters, which makes it one of the most visited by lovers of mountain climbing. This trip aims to offer travelers an unforgettable experience of northern Bolivia, with a unique combination of trekking and climbing hills differently to altitude. The design is intended to be physically demanding expedition, as long walking tours will be conducted as well as more or less techniques hills of considerable altitude climbs, reaching levels close to the 6,500 meters.


Day 01: La Paz / Transfer to Sorata / Trekking to Lachathiya Camp (3850m) Camp
Departure from the hotel with our private transport so the village of Sorata, from this point we start walking to camp Lachathiya (3850m). 4 or 5 hours of walking

Day 02: Lachathiya / Trekking Ancohuma Pass (4749m) / Janquuma Camp (3900m) Camp
We leave in the morning we continue ascending, towards the passage of Ancohuma (4749m) of where it is observed the landscapes of the high valleys of Sorata, of many flora and fauna. 5 hours of walking

Day 03: Janquuma / Trekking Kurahuasi Pass (4479m) / Cocoyo Camp (3900m) Camp
After two hours of walking we reach the Curahuasi pass of (4479m) and then descend to the river, and then we pass through the village of Cocoyo we continue until the camping at (3900m). 4 or 5 hours of walking

Day 04: Cocoyo / Trekking Sarani Pass (4500m) / Chajolpaya Camp (3700m) Camp
With an ascent of 2 hours to the Sarani pass of (4500m). From where we can see the snowy Wara wara (Negroni) Ch'ajolpaya river, from where you can see the snowy Calzada and the variety of landscapes. 4 or 5 houes of walking

Day 05: Chajolpaya / Trekking Warawarani Pass (4900m) / Negruni Camp (4100m) Camp
After breakfast, we continue with the trek of 2 hours, to the passage Warawanai of (4900m) near the glacier of these mountains, we opt for the snowy Chajowara and others more. 5 hours of walking

Day 06: Negruni / Trekking to Lloco Lloconi Camp (4300m) Camp
After our breakfast, we continue our trekking with breathtaking scenery and approach our camp. 5 or 6 hours of walking

Day 07: Lloco Lloconi / Trekking to Venada Camp (4050m) Camp
After breakfast we start with the walk towards another pass (4800m) through small lagoons with Andean fauna of the place, and then descend to our camp. 4 hours of walking

Day 08: Venada / Trekking Mollo Pass (4900m) / Kotia Camp (4650m) Camp
After our breakfast we headed to our next Mollo pass (4900m) always having good panoramic views of lagoons and other more. 5 hours of walking

Day 09: Kotia / Trekking to Ajwani Camp (4700m) Camp
After breakfast we continue on our way to Cerro Chacapa where we can appreciate minerals and landscapes and we approach our camp. 5 or 6 hours of walking

Day 10: Ajwani / Trekking Janchallani Pass (4860m) / Juriquta Camp (4700m) Camp
After our breakfast our next step is JanChallani (4860m) and then we have our second Juriquilla pass (4900m) then we continue our descent to our camp. 5 or 6 hours of walking

Day 11: Juriquta / Trekking Apacheta Pass (4900m) / Condoriri Base Camp (4700m) Camp
We leave for the Apacheta pass and divert towards the highest point of the trekking and to Pico Austria (5300m). From where you can see all the mountains of the Condoriri group and then descend to our camp. 5 or 6 hours of walking

Day 12: Extra
Day at Base Camp Condoriri to appreciate the stunning views of Alpamayo and others mountains more

Day 13: Base Camp Condoriri / Trekking to Tuni (4200m) / Transfer to La Paz Hotel

After breakfast we start descending to the village of tuni where we are waiting for our private transport and transfer to La Paz



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