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The healing traditions trek will surely fulfill the most demanding trekker in terms of encounters (miners, Indian healers, etc…) and large open Andean spaces. We skirt the Cordillera Apolobamba from one end to the other, between (4000) and (5000) meters of elevation, in a region difficult to access and therefore seldom visited. The trail is bordered on the Western side by eternal glaciers and on the Eastern side by deep valleys dropping all the way to the Amazon. We will set up camp near rivers, most often below passes.


Day 01: La Paz / Transfer to Cabo / Pelechuco Camp (3600m) Camp
Departure from the hotel at 7:30 a.m. for the long drive in our private Transport. We skirt Lake Titicaca to Escoma, before following Río Suches. We then enter the Muñecas Cordillera, giving us the impression of being on the Roof of the World. Great view of Illampu and Ancohuma mountain ranges. We then enter in Ulla Ulla wildlife preserve, prelude to the very remote Cordillera Apolobamba. After about 9 hours on a dirt road, we reach the village of Pelechuco.

Day 02: Pelechuco / Trekking to Poso Ponco Cam (3700m) Camp
Difficulty: altitude trek including various altitudes passes between el 3500 and el. 5000 meters above sea level (at least two passes per day). From 5 to 7-hour walk per day. Good physical condition required. We camp at el (3700m).

Day 03: Poso Ponco / Trekking to Llamaka Camp (4400m) Camp
Long climb in the "valley of fog” among numerous altitude plants unique to the high Andes. We camp at Yamaka (4400m)

Day 04: Llamaka / Trekking to Yamacucha Camp (4100m) Camp
We continue climbing the increasingly larger valley. We are not surrounded by rock cliffs. 5 or hours of walking

Day 05: Yamacucha / Trekking to Soral Base Camp (4280m) Camp
The most beautiful day of the trek with ’’goal’ to clear the pass Huara Chumi at (5000m). We follow the mining track built on the hillside: a superb vertiginous balcony with at times over a few hundred meters of air! We are flabbergasted thinking of the llamas following this “trail”.We continue our descent before climbing along glacier Chaupi Orco, to finally arrive at a frozen glacier lake Laguna Soral (4210m)

Day 06: Soral / Ascend to Chaupi Orco High Camp (5150m) Camp
The approach the the high camp is very steep from the start and reach the glaciers moraine. 5 hours of walking

Day 07: High Camp / Ascend to Chaupi Orco Summit (6044m) / High Camp
Departure at around 2 a.m. We attempt the ascent of the summit (normal route grade II / AD, 45º) to then descend to the high camp. The ascent starts by a difficult progression on a scree taking us to the start of the glacier at el. (5400m). A beautiful, relatively large, final arete with some crevaces allows the access to the summit.

Day 08: High Camp / Descent to Soral Base Camp (4280m) Camp
This day we descend from camp one to soral base camp and we set up our camp. 3 or 4 hours of walking

Day 09: Soral / Trekking to Yanacucha Camp (4200m) Camp
We descend to Lago Céleste also called Soral, and then after clearing a pass at el. (4760 m). (Paso Yanacocha), we follow a remote valley to reach our camp located near various lakes (4200m)

Day10: Yanacucha / Trekking to Macara Valley Camp (3800m) Camp
We descend to the bottom of Macara Valley after clearing Sanches Pass (4840m). We continue our descent, inexorably, all the valleys lead to the Amazon; the green in the distance strongly contrasts with the colors of the mountains.

Day 11: Macara Valley / Trekking to Pelechuco Camp (3600m) Camp
We continue descending the valley, which becomes less arid: we cross a few hamlets and then a few haciendas before reaching Pelechuco (3600m). 5 or 6 hours of walking

Day 12: Pelechuco / Transfer to La Paz Hotel
Departure from Pelechuco at 8 a.m. for LaPaz in our private transport via Ulla-Ulla National Park and Cololo Lake (9-hour trip), and transfer to La Paz Hotel



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Av. Interoceanica #198 - New Florida - Huaraz - Ancash - Perú
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