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Aconcagua: is a mountain of the Andes mountain range and is located at the northwestern tip of the Province of Mendoza. It is the highest peak in America and at the same time the highest in the world outside of Asia. The mountain rises with 6,962 meters high. To the north and east it borders the Valle de las Vacas and to the west and south with the lower Horcones Valley. Several glaciers cross its slopes; the most important are the northeastern or Polish glacier and the east or English glacier. It is located within the Aconcagua Pcial Park and is a mountain frequented by mountaineers from all over the world. 30% enter to do trekking, and the other 50% expedition, summit attempt.


Day 1: Mendoza (2494ft)
We will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel. On this day our guide will check the equipment and afternoon briefing at the hotel.

Day 2: Mendoza / Penitentes (8940ft)
Early in the morning and before going to Penitentes, the whole group will apply for the climbing permit with the guides’ assistance. Then drive to sky area. Lodging

Day 3: Penitentes / Confluencia (10827ft)
Entrance of the Park, there the permits will be presented and you will start with the trekking to Confluencia Camp. We have Domo Tents and beds

Day 4: Confluencia / Plaza Francia (13.124ft) / Confluencia
Trek to Plaza Francia, base of the majestic South Face of Mt. Aconcagua. Then you will return to Confluencia. This trekking is fundamental part of the acclimatization process.

Day 5: Confluencia / Plaza de Mulas (14.108ft)
The trek to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp take about 8 hours, we reach Plaza de Mulas.Lodging in the Hotel.

Day 6: Plaza de Mulas

Rest an acclimatization day at base camp. Today is very important for you body taking time to acclimatize to the low oxygen. We call this day active day resting.

Day 07: Plaza de Mulas / Camp 1 Plaza Canada (15.913ft) / Plaza de Mulas
Acclimatization Trek to Camp 1 “Canada” where you will have lunch and then return to the Base Camp. This trek takes around 5 hours.

Day 8: Plaza de Mulas
Resting and acclimatization day.

Day 9: Plaza de Mulas / Campo 1 Plaza Canadá
After a 3-hour trek, you will reach the Camp 1.

Day 10: Camp 1 Plaza Canadá / Camp 2 Nido de Cóndores (17.550ft) Climb to Camp 2.
This trek takes 4 hours. As on the previous days, you will set up the tents then resting.

Day 11: Camp 2 Nido de Cóndores / Camp 3 Berlin (19.350ft)
Climb to Camp 3 “Berlin”. This will be a short hike, around 3 hours. This is the last altitude camp before the summit.

Day 12: Camp 3 Berlín / Summit (22.842ft) / Camp 3 Berlín Climb from Camp 3 to the summit and return to Camp 3.
This is the great day. get up very early in the morning, have breakfast and start climbing. You will get to the summit, where you will live an unforgettable experience, and return to Berlin.

Day 13: Camp 3 Berlín / Plaza de Mulas
Come back to Plaza de Mulas Hotel

Day 14: Plaza de Mulas / Mendoza
Descent to Horcones (6-7 hs), then Penitentes and then to Mendoza by private vehicle.

Day 15: Transfer to the Airport
Breakfast. End of services.

Day 16: Extra day for contingencies that may prevent the normal development of the program.



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